Workers Defense Statement on DACA


September 5, 2017

Contact: Sam Robles




VIDEO: This should be a moment of moral clarity


More than 800,000 young immigrants are protected by DACA


Texas economy would lose $6.1 billion annually with removal of 120,000 DACA recipients


AUSTIN, TX – The following statement was released by Jose P. Garza, executive director of the Workers Defense Project in response to today’s decision on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).


“DACA has made our state and our workforce stronger. The destruction of DACA will hurt our state’s economy and Texas Families. This is a call to action. We are calling on everyone to demand and stand up for our values. This should be a moment of moral clarity for everyone, in the history of our country we have seen vile and racist laws. And in that history – there have been moments where we defy them. We should not turn our backs on loved ones, our co-worker’s, our employees.”


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