WDP Stands with DACA-mented Workers and Texas Families



August 15, 2017

Contact: Sam Robles






WDP Stands with DACA-mented Workers and Texas Families

We will fight alongside community to defend and protect immigration programs

More than 800,000 young immigrants are protected by DACA and nearly 305,000 families have Temporary Protected status (TPS)

AUSTIN, TX –  Today, DACA-mented youth, workers, immigrant families of United We Dream and Worker’s Defense Project will gather on the 5th anniversary of the program’s existence to defend and protect DACA from the attacks lead by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton who seeks to dismantle the program as soon as September 5th. An action will be held today at 3:00 PM outside the Office of the Attorney General, on 209 W 14th St, Austin, TX 78701.

“DACA makes our state and our workforce stronger.” said Jose P. Garza, the executive director of the Workers Defense Project. “The destruction of DACA would hurt our state’s economy and Texas Families.”

If Trump removes Texas’ 120,000 DACA recipients from the workforce, the Texas economy would lose $6.1 billion annually.

“With DACA I was able to obtain a better job that pays good wages and allowed me to excel as a person. ” said Workers Defense Project member and DACA-mented mother, worker Paola Rodriguez. “We are not giving up, I will continue to fight for my children and for my community.“

Another item on the White House chopping block is Temporary Protected status for over 300,000 migrants from countries around the world that have suffered from violence and catastrophe.



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