Thirst Strike Tweet Sheet

Social Media Guide

Thirst Strike – Dallas 9/29/15

Hashtags to Use:

  • #GiveUsABreak
  • #RestBreaks
  • #Thirst4Justice

Who to Tag:

  • @workersdefense Workers Defense Project
  • @tzintzuncris Cristina Tzintzún
  • @VoteMarkClayton Council member Mark Clayton (supports rest breaks)
  • @PhilipTKingston Council member Philip Kingston (supports rest breaks)
  • @scottgriggsdal Council Member Scott Griggs (supports rest breaks)
  • @VoteAdamMedrano Council Member Adam Medrano (supports rest breaks)
  • @MonicaRAlonzo Council Member Monica Alonzo (supports rest breaks)
  • @Mike Rawlings Mayor Mike Rawlings (ask for his support)
  • @McGough4You Council member Adam McGough (ask for his support)
  • @CKArnold2015 Council member Carolyn King Arnold (ask for her support)
  • @cmjsgates Council Member Jennifer Staubach Gates (ask for her support)
  • @LeeforDallas Council Member Lee Kleinman (opposes rest breaks)
  • @1500Marilla City of Dallas

General Guidelines:

  • Use images! Share photos of speakers, WDP members, and supporters. Include a short explanation of the event with one of the hashtags above.
  • Tweet quotes when people are speaking, and credit them to the speaker, using the hashtags above. If you know the speaker’s handle or their organization’s handle, use that.

Sample Tweets:

  • #RestBreaks make a #difference, Dallas city council pass an ordinance to protect workers now. @1500Marilla
  • Make this the last summer without paid #RestBreaks #DallasCityCouncil  @CKArnold2015  @McGough4You @cmjsgates @MikeRawlings
  • Thanks for supporting paid #RestBreaks @VoteMarkClayton
  • Construction workers to @CKArnold2015 @McGough4You #GiveUsABreak and support #RestBreaks
  • #RestBreaks should be required esp when temps reach triple digits #GiveUsABreak
  • Thanks @PhilipTKingston for supporting #RestBreaks and understanding the need to #GiveUsABreak
  • Thanks @VoteMarkClayton @scottgriggsdal @VoteAdamMedrano @MonicaRAlonzo  @PhilipTKingston #TiffinniYoung #SandyGreyson for supporting #RestBreaks
  • @1500Marilla become a leader by making paid #RestBreaks the law
  • Construction workers need #RestBreaks please support an ordinance @CKArnold2015 & @McGough4You
  • We #Thirst4Justice! Workers deserve #RestBreaks!
  • Dallas workers deserve #RestBreaks @MikeRawlings @dallasmayorsofc  @LeeforDallas


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