Texas House will determine the fate of Texas Families


April 26, 2017

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Texas House will determine the fate of Texas Families

Executive Director of Workers Defense Project release statement on SB 4

Texas children will hold Day of Action opposing SB 4


Austin, Texas — Immigrant families and advocates from across the state gather at the Texas Capitol to oppose anti-immigrant bill SB 4 that is expected to be debated and voted on by the Texas House.  


“Senate Bill 4 is a disastrous for Texas families and the economy,” said Jose P. Garza, the Executive Director of the Workers Defense Project. “Texas lawmakers continue to ignore the pleas of immigrant families, their children, advocates and business leaders.  The passage of SB 4 would result in catastrophic consequences for the State of Texas.”


Families, faith leaders, advocates, and lawmakers held a press conference on the west steps of the state capitol to urge the Texas House to vote No on SB 4.


“ I can tell that my parents are scared,  when they take us to school, or go shopping, or to the park. Sometimes I get nervous when I see a police car up the street,” said Lizbeth, 10 year old Workers Defense Project Youth. “I start to worry when my parents are 5 minutes late from picking me up from school. I’ve seen the news stories of parents being picked up dropping their kids off at school, that could be us. That is one out of thousands of sad ways that SB4 can destroy our lives.”


Immediately following the press conference children will gather outside the House chamber to deliver letters and drawings to Texas Representatives as they enter the chamber to cast the their vote on legislation that could tear Texas families apart.


Advocates will hold a vigil on the north steps of the Capitol tonight at 6 PM to stand with immigrant families.


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