Employment & Legal Services

WDP works with all low-income workers to ensure dignified treatment in the workplace. WDP assists thousands of workers each year in addressing serious workplace issues by:

  • Recovering back wages for workers who have been denied payment for their work
  • Assisting injured workers to receive medical attention and compensation
  • Providing pro-se trainings that orient and prepare low-wage workers and independent contractors to represent themselves in Justice Court.
  • Connect workers to social service agencies and partner attorneys.
  • Assisting individuals to apply for DACA and obtain immigration relief and employment authorization.

Wage theft worker check


WDP has recovered over $1,500,000 in back wages for over 1,500 low-wage workers, allowing them to better provide for themselves and their families. Each year WDP educates 2,500 workers about their employment rights through weekly trainings and outreach events. Additionally, the organization reaches low-wage workers through innovative media partnerships with Spanish-language media.

Learn what we’re doing to address serious workplace issues in Texas: