North Texas Immigration Coalition Speaks Out on the Administration’s Announcements on DACA

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North Texas Immigration Coalition Speaks Out on the Administration’s Announcements on DACA


More than 800,000 young immigrants are protected by DACA

If Trump removes Texas’ 120,000 DACA recipients from the workforce, the Texas economy would lose $6.1 billion annually.


DALLAS, TX – Today, the North Texas Immigration Coalition, a coalition of immigrant families, labor organizations, civil-rights organizations, and immigrant-rights organizations respond to the announcement regarding the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.


North Texas Immigration Coalition believes that the 124,000 young people that have received DACA in Texas are the reason that Texas’ economy has thrived over the last five years. DACA has changed their lives and their families’ lives, allowing them to contribute to their communities. This is a time to bring our communities closer and continue to organize and to fight together as a one united community


Jose P. Garza, executive director of the Workers Defense Project:

“DACA has made our state and our workforce stronger. The destruction of DACA will hurt our state’s economy and Texas Families.”


Kristian Hernandez, vice president of the North Texas Dream Team:

“We must demand what is already possible: we don’t just want DACA- we want legislation to legalize our family, our parents, & our friends. It’s time to rev up the fight. ‬Now more than ever we need allies to support grassroots organizing, to show up as needed, and to use their privilege for the protection of the undocumented community. Demand action from Congress and from local municipalities.”


Michelle Tremillo, executive director of the Texas Organizing Project:

“Today, President Trump demonstrated that he doesn’t have the big heart nor the very good brain that he has bragged about because his decision to end DACA is heartless and doesn’t make sense in any way. Not only does DACA benefit its recipients by allowing them to work and join the American pursuit of happiness freely, but their contributions strengthen our economy and lives. We will continue fighting to protect our DACA neighbors and their families. All of our families deserve to have their humanity and dignity acknowledged and respected.”


Bill Beardall, executive director of the Equal Justice Center:

“Over the last five years the Equal Justice Center has helped thousands of young students and graduates gain DACA certification and begin to fulfill their promise as productive contributors to our shared society. It is deeply disappointing to see the President end the DACA program without any assurance of protection for these students and graduates. Congress now faces a moral and social obligation to create a path to citizenship for these promising young Americans.”   


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