Please Call or Email House State Affairs Committee Members

Hi, My name is __________.  As a concerned constituent of the state of Texas. I urge Representative _______ to oppose SB 4 and all companion bills – HB 611, HB 754, HB 889, and HB 1308.  I care about keeping Texans safe and together, this includes my immigrant neighbors. Texas is great because of the contributions, diversity, and hard work immigrants from all over the world bring to their community. Implementing Senate Bill 4 means putting the people I deeply care for, including my (example: mom, priest, pastor, friend, son, etc) __________ in danger of being racially profiled and this will have a negative economic effect on our state. Immigrant neighbors will be afraid of being separated from their loved ones because of Senate Bill 4 and will be afraid to report a crime to local law enforcement. Senate Bill 4 goes against our values as Texans and many Texans oppose this bill, including faith, business, law enforcement leaders. “




Representative City / District Phone E-mail
Rep. Byron Cook (Chair) District 8  (R-Corsicana) (512) 463-0730
Rep. Chris Paddie District 9 (R- Marshall) (512) 463-0556
Rep. Tom Craddick District 82 (R-Midland) (512) 463-0500
Rep. Jessica Farrar District 148 (D – Houston) (512) 463-0620
Rep. Charlie Geren District 99  (R – Fort Worth) (512) 463-0610
Rep. Ryan Guillen District 131 (D -Rio Grande City) (512) 463-0416
Rep. Ken King District 88 (R-Canadian) (512) 463-0736
Rep. John Kuempel District 44 (R -Segiun) (512) 463-0602
Rep. Morgan Meyer District 108 (R-Dallas) (512) 463-0367
Rep. John T. Smithee District 86 (R-Amarillo) (512) 463-0702


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