About Us

Who We Are

Workers Defense Project (WDP) is a membership-based organization that empowers low-income workers to achieve fair employment through education, direct services, organizing and strategic partnerships.

WDP was founded in August 2002 by employees and volunteers of Casa Marianella, a local Austin shelter, to address the problem of unpaid wages for Austin’s low-wage workers.

WDP is a worker center and part of a national movement of organizations that seek to provide low-wage workers with the resources they need to improve their working and living conditions. The project provides a source of power and hope for low-wage workers who have little access to these important resources. WDP is one of the few organizations in Texas working to address workplace abuse faced by low-wage workers. The organization is one of the most established worker centers in the South and a leader in fighting for fair conditions for working people.

To find out what we did last year, read our 2013 Annual Report!

Commitment to Gender Equality

WDP places a special emphasis on the leadership of women in the organization. Women members are encouraged to take leadership roles in committees, as public speaking events, and in advocacy work. WDP works to develop women’s capacity for leadership within their communities and ensures specific challenges facing women in the workplace are addressed by the organization. Additionally, WDP works with all members to build an analysis of how gender equality is a fundamental part of WDP’s mission and work.

WDP puts its principles into action by ensuring shared leadership roles of women and men. To read WDP’s gender equality principles in Spanish, written by WDP members, click here.