WDP’s Get Out The Vote Campaign

We Count! Get Out The Vote program is a new effort by the Workers Defense Project that aims to ensure better living and working conditions for the state’s low-wage workforce by amplifying the voices of working families through increasing voter turnout in our community. To acheive this goal, we will be conducting block walks and phone banks to get voters registered, educated and voting for the November 6 elections in Dallas and Travis County.

Voter turnout out in federal elections in Texas hovers at around 56.1% and is considerably lower for local and state elections. Youth, low-income families, and Latino voters turn out to vote at lower percentages than the rest of the population. With your help, our We Count! campaign has the potential to empower hundreds of voters in the Austin and Dallas area and make sure that the voices of working families are heard during an election year. We are looking for volunteers to join our organizing committee and become pivotal members of our get out the vote efforts. The events we have planned for the We Count! campaign include: Sept. 16: Block Walk to register voters and provide information about the voting process. Sept. 25: National Voter Registration Day Oct. 9: Last day to register voters Oct. 21: Block walk to remind people to vote on Election Day Nov. 6: Election Day! If you are interested in joining our Austin committee or would like to get more information, please contact Brigid Hall at 831-236-8379 or at brigid@workersdefense.org. To join our Dallas Committee, email Jennifer Daniels at jennifer@workersdefense.org or call (972)479-5080.


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