Take Action: Overtime Pay for Overtime Work

UPDATE: The petition blast is now closed. Nearly 1,000 people sent e-mails to Gables Executives asking them to Build it Better. Thank you for your continued support!

RodimiroTamez2_cropClick here to sign the petition asking Gables to Build it Better!

Rodimiro Tamez is a painter at Gables Park Tower but could not even dream of living in one of Gables’ environmentally-certified luxury apartments. With his wages, he can’t even afford to live in the city of Austin.

Rodimiro is 63 years old and plans to work until he’s 70. He’d like to retire but he has to support his family. Not being paid for his work wasn’t part of the plan.

He is one of two workers who have come forward reporting that they have not been paid overtime for their work on Gables Park Tower. They are owed thousands of dollars.

Click here to send an e-mail to Gables Executives asking them to stand up for workers.

Workers have reported widespread cases of abuse at all of Gables’ downtown Austin construction sites, including wage theft, not receiving rest breaks, and unsafe working conditions.

These abuses have gone on long enough. We launched a campaign in February asking Gables to ensure safe, living wage jobs on its sites, and this is the next step. Click here to send an e-mail asking Gables to Build it Better.

Gables Residential is a prominent developer and thousands of workers labor in its subcontracting chain. With your help, we can win better working conditions for thousands of workers.

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