Texas Fist Asset

Texas Fights Back!

This is the summer of resistance. We have testified, rallied, protested and marched across the state of Texas to stop SB4. And we are not stopping now.

On May 29, we are planning a massive resistance in Austin and want every ally and supporter to be there. We will take over the Texas state capitol and show legislators — and the world — that immigrants are #HereToStay. After that, we will have an entire day of resistance activities planned in Austin, with teach-ins, rallies, and events all day long. The entire state of Texas will hear our message on May 29: our skin color should never be a crime.

We will continue to build, unite, educate and inform our Texas community of the actions we can take so that SB4 does not go into effect September 1st.

Bring your family and friends — the Capitol is OURS , and we need as many of us in it to fight back!