Workforce Development

Providing more opportunities for workforce development is good for workers and businesses. WDP believes that providing education and training to workers and small employers means creating a better working environment for all. WDP’s Workplace Justice program provides multiple learning opportunities:

Know-Your-Rights Education (Austin and Dallas)

When workers don’t know their rights, defending them is impossible. To that end, WDP has created a training that shows workers how to approach common workplace issues and how to stand up for their rights, gives them access to important resources, and provides ongoing support for workers whose rights have been violated.

OSHA Safety Trainings

Staying safe starts with knowledge of good safety practices. WDP provides Spanish-language safety training in a popular education format to give workers of various education backgrounds and literacy levels a strong foundation in construction worksite safety. WDP offers regular safety trainings for Spanish-speaking construction workers. Contractors with 12 or more employees can schedule private trainings.

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