Adult Education & Training

Adult Education and Training (AET) is dedicated to providing the tools low-wage workers need to lead social justice movements. Because low-income workers are often excluded from decision-making processes that most affect their lives, WDP develops grassroots community leaders through:

  • Leadership development courses that focus on building advocacy skills and an understanding of the root causes of inequalityESL_2013_COLOR-26_small
  • ESL courses that center on developing a vocabulary that will help participants advance and self-advocate in the workplace
  • Computer literacy courses that teach basic computer skills, including how to use social media and send email
  • Enrichment childcare where members’ children explore social justice issues through art, poetry, theater, and by studying social movement history – engaging the next generation in WDP’s mission!

Building Community Power

WDP creates participatory structures where worker leaders serve on the board of directors and make important decisions about campaigns and what WDP does as an organization. WDP provides a 7-week leadership development course and trainings in public speaking, community organizing, and other important topics for its members.


  • Graduated over 200 low-wage workers from WDP’s leadership development course that places a focus on building an analysis of the root causes of social inequality.
  • Involved over 100 youth in WDP’s mission through the organization’s enrichment childcare program that gives youth the opportunity to speak out about social issues that affect their lives and express themselves through art, music, and other enrichment activities.
  • Graduated 200 low-wage workers from English as Second Language courses helping them develop their skills to find better employment opportunities.
  • Started our new computer literacy course!