Leadership And Education

Leadership Educational Achievement Program (LEAP)

LEAP is dedicated to empowering those who have experienced inequality first hand to lead social justice movements, due to the fact that these individuals are intentionally excluded from decision-making processes that most affect their lives, to this end WDP develops grassroots community leaders skills through:

  • Leadership Development Courses that focus on developing participants advocacy skills and building an analysis of the root causes of social inequality.
  • ESL courses that place a focus on developing a vocabulary to assist participants to advance in the workplace.
  • Youth empowerment courses where WDP members’ children learn about social justice through creative expression including art, poetry, theater, and by studying social movement history

WDP creates participatory structures where worker leaders, those directly affected by workplace injustice, serve on the board of directors, and where workers themselves make important campaign and administrative decisions. WDP provides a 10-week leadership development course and periodic advanced trainings for its members. WDP is dedicated to empowering disadvantaged low-income Latino immigrants, giving them the tools to advocate for themselves, find better employment opportunities, and succeed academically.

ESL and Youth Empowerment

LEAP provides continuing basic adult education to low-income Latino immigrants through ESL and job preparedness courses, and after-school educational tutoring for Latino immigrant youth, thus, creating a cooperative learning environment for parent and child. WDP has helped thousands of low-income immigrant families to achieve fairer treatment at the workplace, while developing their skills to become self-sufficient through education programs. As a community-based organization, WDP understands the needs of its constituents, who assist the organization in setting program goals and service priorities. Immigrant constituents wish to continue to build off of the current successful ESL services of the organization to add new college preparedness and technology (video and computer) components to the youth tutoring program for their children.

Leadership Development

WDP uses participatory education techniques to place a central focus on building an analysis of the root causes of social inequality with its members. Participants learn how to analyze their own social position in relation to race, nationality, institutionalized education, sexual orientation, gender, and class, as well as developing important skills in organizing, media, public speaking, and workers’ rights. Additionally, these workers have continued participating with WDP as community leaders and workers rights advocates.

Gender Equality

WDP places a special emphasis on the leadership of women in the organization. WDP’s gender equality principles require that there be equal leadership of women and men in the organization. WDP creates these roles by working with women to develop their skills on organizing, public speaking and advocacy. Additionally, WDP works with male members to build their analysis of how gender equality is a fundamental part of WDP’s mission and work. WDP puts its principles into action, by ensuring shared leadership roles of women and men. Gender Equality to read WDP’s gender equality principles in Spanish, written by WDP members.

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