Dallas County votes on “Welcoming Communities” resolution 4 -1

For Immediate Release:

February 7, 2017

Contact: Sam Robles




Dallas County votes on “Welcoming Communities” resolution 4 -1


Over a dozen DFW advocacy groups gathered in support of the “Welcoming Communities” resolution

Resolution passes 4 -1 with Commissioner Mike Cantrell in opposition


DALLAS – Today, Dallas County approved a resolution that proclaims all residents of Dallas County are welcomes, supports, and values immigrant, refugee, and marginalized communities, documented and undocumented as integral members of our community.


70% of the 231,000 undocumented residents of Dallas County are employed, many in vital industries,” said Diana Ramirez of the Workers Defense Project. “In construction over 50% of the workforce is foreign-born.”


Undocumented residents of Texas pay approximately $178 million in property taxes and $1.4 billion in state and local taxes in 2010.


This resolution is approved by Dallas County while the Texas Senate takes up SB 4 and two weeks after President Trump’s Executive Orders attacking immigration and refugee families.


“It is extremely important and meaningful that the County approves this resolution and supports the contributions that immigrants bring to Dallas County.” said Jose Balderas, Member of the Workers Defense Project. “We are hardworking people and with good values. We are building a better Dallas community with their support.”




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