Jose P. Garza
Executive Director

Amparo Herrera Hughes
Director of Operations

Bo Delp
Better Builder and Policy Director

Emily Timm
Senior Organizing Director – Founder

Jason Cato
Dallas Area Director & Adult and Education Director

Shana Khader
Employment and Legal Services Director

Stephanie Gharakhanian
Special Counsel

Sam Robles
Communications Director

Shannon Young
Development Manager

Alondra Johnson, Austin Staff Attorney

Ana Gonzalez, Policy Advocate

Candelario Vasquez, Health and Safety Organizer

Chad Gray, Research Coordinator

A. Mauricio “Chele” Iglesias, Health and Safety Organizer

Diana Ramirez, Dallas Campaign Manager

Elizabeth Dorantes, Education Programs Coordinator

Gabriela Rips,Finance Associate

Jessica Wolff, Austin Business Liaison

Jose Ruiz, Worksite Monitor

Jose Roberto Sosa, Lead Worksite Monitor

Juan Belman, Legal Services Coordinator

Juan Luna, Austin Legal Manager

Julia Kranzthor, Executive Projects Coordinator

Karen Escobedo, Workplace Justice Organizer

Marcia Cano, Dallas Legal Manager

Maria De Jesus Garza, Dallas Campaign Organizer

Marvin Wiser, Dallas Business Liaison

Mayra Huerta, Austin Campaign Manager

Sasha Legette, Houston Business Liaison

Shana Khader, Staff Attorney

Susan Zakaib, Grant Manager

Veronica Bernal, National Coordinator