WDP Director Cristina Tzintzún

Cristina Tzintzún

Executive Director

WDP Deputy Director Emily Timm

Emily Timm

Deputy Director

Jason Cato

Jason Cato

Education Director


Stephanie Gharakhanian

Research and Policy Director

Brigid Hall

Brigid Hall

Development Director

Brett 03

Brett Merfish

Political Director


Karla Vargas

Director of Employment and Legal Services





Chris Albano, Grant Writer
Juan Cardoza-Oquendo, Dallas Policy Advocate
Elizabeth Crepeau, Assistant to the Executive Director
Maria Duque, Membership Coordinator
Chrishawn Floyd, Education Programs Coordinator
Maxie Gallardo, Senior Policy Analyst
Gabriela Garcia, Legal Manager Organizer
Amparo Herrera, Bookkeeper
Christian Hurtado, Worksite Monitor
Gabriela Hybel, Communications Director
Courtney Koger, Business Liaison
Amy Price, Research Coordinator
Candelario Vasquez, Membership Organizer
Robert Wright, Accountant