What's Happening

  • Call Dallas City Council!

    Ask Dallas City Council to Support Litigation against SB 4 and to stand with Texas Families!


    Hi my name is ____________ I am a constituent of district ____. I’m calling to urge council member ________ to vote in support of litigation against the state for the law that the Governor signed on May 7th, SB4, putting more burden on our police officers in Dallas and across the state. Our police force is already understaffed and asking them to act as immigration agents would add to their already stressful job. My council member needs to vote to start the litigation …

  • White House Worker Summit

    On September 15th, The White House and U.S. Department of Labor held the final and only southern Worker Voice Summit in the offices of Workers Defense Project.

    #StartTheConvo: Austin Edition

    By on September 22, 2016

    In October 2015, the White House convened the first Worker Voice Summit to start a conversation about the relationship between worker voice and a thriving middle class. At the end of the day, President Obama challenged us to keep the conversation going across the country to highlight the innovative ways middle-class Americans are sharing in the broad-based economic growth that they’re helping to …

  • Big Worker Protections for Austin

    The City of Austin passed major working protections for the men and women who work in construction!

    Austin City Council voted to require builders that go through an expediated permit process to provide worker protections. This means that as we see Austin grow bigger – faster – we will see it built with worker protections.

    Austin is one of the country’s fastest growing cities – and it is also one of the most economically segregated cities in the country. With these new protections, Workers will take a big more money home and be protected in the event that they are