What's Happening

  • Colorlines Interview

    On Saturday, November 15th, Cristina will join an incredible group of activists to speak at the biennial Facing Race conference in Dallas.

    In preparation for the conference, Colorlines interviewed Cristina on the challenges and advantages of organizing in the South, the construction industry in Texas, and our current campaigns here at Workers Defense Project.

    Read the whole interview here! 

  • Vigil for Dallas Workers

    On September 3rd, Dallas City Council said it would take action on a rest break ordinance within 60 days. Those 60 days are up. Construction workers and their families cannot wait any longer for City Council to act for workers’ safety.

    On Wednesday, November 12th, construction workers, their families, and their supporters will remind City Council of the hard realities that workers face ever day. With no breaks for rest or water, construction workers risk their safety and their lives on the job.

    It is time for City Council to honor the men and women who build Dallas and the …

  • Change Makers

    Over the past 12 years, Workers Defense Project has won huge policy victories for thousands of workers across the state. But we do more than just win legal cases and put laws into place- we also create a community of workers who come together in solidarity.

    Hear Fernando Lopez, Christian Hurtado and Victoria Garcia tell their story of why they joined Workers Defense Project. Join us as we win better working conditions for low wage workers in Texas.…

  • Victory for Dallas Workers!

    “It makes me happy that we can win against people like that who think that they are invincible and that they can treat people however they want… It is a triumph as a woman to be able to say ‘don’t mess with us’ because he probably thought that I was the weakest…he thought he that he was going to take advantage of me.” Last week Claudia, and four of her coworkers won back more than $5,000 in stolen wages. Read the whole story about Workers Defense Project’s victory  in the Dallas Observer!


  • Austin Will Raise the Wage

    After we mobilized hundreds of supporters to sign a petition, Austin City Council passed a living wage ordinance that will:

    1. Raise the city living wage floor so that workers across Austin can support their families;
    2.. Tie the living wage rate to the cost of living so that the living wage will always cover workers’ basic needs; and
    3. Create a stakeholder committee to ensure that Austin’s living wage policies continue to benefit Austin workers and their families.

    This is a huge victory for our city! Thank you Austin City Council, and all those who took action for working …

  • Hispanic Heritage Month

    October 15th marks the end of Hispanic Heritage Month, but our efforts to win better working conditions for Latino workers continues all year.

    Cristina published a piece in honor of the month and the daily contributions that Latinos make to our nation. Read her Op-Ed in the Austin American Statesman, and help us continue #Winning4Workers.…

  • Right To Rest

    Nearly 100,000 men and women work construction in Dallas. One third do not receive breaks, even during triple digit summer days.  For these workers, a chance to sit in the shade and drink some water can be the difference between life and death.

    Mario Ontiveros, a commercial painter and father of two, knows first hand what these conditions can do to the body. Last summer he was painting school buildings for 10-12 hours a day without rest until one morning he woke up and couldn’t move his arm.

    “I was out of work for two weeks. Two weeks without pay.

  • ACC Will build it better

    Last night, the Board of Trustees of Austin Community College (ACC) reaffirmed their commitment to Workers Defense Project’s (WDP) Better Builder standards. The Board unanimously passed a resolution which mandates basic safety training courses, advanced safety training for site supervisors, prevailing wages, and mandatory workers’ compensation coverage for all workers on future bond projects.

    The Board’s decision shows their commitment to invest in the workforce that helps the college grow.

  • Contract to Cheat

    Across the country companies have found that they can save money and increase their profits by misclassifying workers as independent contractors. In doing so they avoid their responsibilities as an employer and put the burden on workers and the state. In Texas, nearly 40% of construction workers are misclassified. That comes out to more than 300,000 workers.

    When these businesses don’t play by the rules, we all pay the price. Workers are left without safety nets when they get hurt on the job or when employment is scarce. Other businesses struggle to compete. And the state loses much needed tax …

  • Labor Day Reflections

    For one hundred and thirty years Labor Day has been a chance for the nation to come together and celebrate the contributions that working men and women make to our communities every day. But honoring workers must extend beyond the first Monday of every September. At a time when over half of the men and women who build our state earn poverty level wages and only 40% are covered by workers compensations, we must stop and reflect on what broad changes need to be made.

    Read Cristina Tzintzún’s Huffington Post Op-Ed, in which she discusses the reality faced by …